You kids are driving me nuts!

I can honestly say that I don’t ever remember a time when my girlfriends or my sister and I ever snapped each other with wet towels.

My boys go for blood! It’s not a friendly game of “tag,” it’s all out war, shield your eyes, some one’s definitely going to get hurt. The towel snapping match usually ends with someone in tears, someone in time-out and me yelling “You kids are driving me NUTS!” I say that a lot. And, it’s true! They do drive me nuts.

I was the girliest girl on my block growing up. I played with dolls everyday. I had a suitcase filled with Barbies (Midge, Dawn, Malibu Barbie, my brother’s GI Joe, the Sunshine family and of course, Ken, that hunk of a plastic perfection) and I had a gorgeous three room pink Barbie house for my collection with furniture for every room. That was until Ronnie Cruz ran into it with his bike and broke the roof while his sister and I were having a nice afternoon of playing outside with our Barbies! That’s a boy for you.

A few years ago I found myself saying “You Kids Drive Me Nuts” all the time to my boys. And, even though it’s true, I didn’t want them to blame themselves just in case the men in the white suits rang the doorbell. I wanted their memories of home to be somewhere in between the Osborne’s and the Cleaver’s. Preferably closer to the Cleaver’s but let’s be realistic, I don’t think June ever ran outside, got into her car and drove away until she stopped crying.

I decided one day that I would no longer say the words, “You’re driving me nuts.” I replaced those words with “This is very exciting!” Kept the tone, kept the level of intensity, just changed the words. How hilarious!

The next time I entered a bedroom with the mattresses turned on one end leaning against the wall with one boy bounding down the “slide” and the other dumping all the clothes out of the dresser drawers to make stairs so he can do it to……I proclaimed to all the world “This is very exciting!” Now my boys think I really am nuts! They can think what they want.

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