Episode 38-Home Security & Safety

Home Security & Safety

Summary: Is your home secure? Do you know the most vulnerable points of your home for an intruder to get in? In this episode we share lots of security awareness, safety tips and encourage you to come up with a plan to keep you and your stuff safe!

Security Awareness: One of the most dangerous thoughts a homeowner can have when it comes to a burglary is “It will never happen to me.” You let your guard down and BAM you’re a target. Don’t let that happen to you. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of “not getting your home broken into.”

Catherine shares about her camper being broken into: Yes, it’s true, criminals will actually break into vehicles, campers, garages, sheds and homes. They’d probably break into an egg if they thought they could sell the yolk. 

Tracy shares how a criminal took her last $300: A stressful day became even more stressful after moving, visiting our friend’s sick child in the hospital and forgetting my purse at a restaurant. Of course when I returned to get it, the purse was there but the money was gone. 

Cat’s Home Security checklist:


Cat’s stats on burglaries:


Tracy’s link on home security:


Extra door security that bolts to the floor. https://nightlock.com/door-security-devices/residential/nightlock-original/

Our spiritual encouragement comes from Job 11:18.

Thanks for tuning in!

Tracy and Cathrine

P.S. The goal of the Life Happens Laugh Anyway podcast is to present our audience with a relevant topic weekly in an entertaining way followed by some spiritual encouragement. #lifehappenslaughanyway #tracydegraaf


Tracy DeGraaf is a U.S.A. national touring (when she can) comedian based in the Chicago area working primarily with churches and hospitals on outreach events. She is a Christian and a breast cancer survivor, so she combines two of her passions: Jesus and Mammograms into her comedy ministry. She loves Jesus, but doesn’t want women to meet Him just yet. At her church shows she points the audience to Jesus at the end and at her hospital shows she encourages all to get and stay current on cancer screenings.

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