Episode 37-When Should Adult Children Pay Rent?

Should adult children pay rent?

Summary: Getting those “baby birds” to fly is a thing. It’s a process for both parents and their grown children. What are parents to do if their children continue to live at home? In this episode, we will dive into that important topic.

Here’s a link we used in researching this episode: At What Age Should Parents Stop Paying Bills for Their Kids?

Should you or should you not charge rent? That’s the question of the day and it’s a big one. The bottom line is a resounding YES, they should pay rent. This was the overwhelming consensus of all of our research. (Even though Tracy’s son swears that she and Muffin are the ONLY parents who charge their grown kids rent. Ha ha.) The internet says “Tracy and Muffin are correct.”

When should you charge rent? Should they pay up on their 18th birthday? Well, not quite. Every situation is different. So the answer is….it depends! It depends on the son or daughter. Are they still in school? Do they work? Are they able to support themselves financially even in part? Or maybe they are in school full time and work part time. 

We realize that circumstances vary, so here’s a rule of thumb: definitely charge rent before age 25. If your son or daughter isn’t in school, but is working, they probably should be paying rent. 

How much should they pay? Such a great question. My (Tracy’s) personal opinion is that the rent should be motivating but not exasperating. It should be enough to make them want to move out but not enough to empty their bank account. 

Our research showed a percentage of their income is recommended. That percentage is 10-25%. I suppose it might depend on your son or daughter’s other expenses and whether or not you want to help them with that as to which end of the spectrum you choose.

So…there ya have it. Yes! Charge them rent. Do so somewhere between 18 and 25 (the sooner you let them know this is the expectation, the better) and charge them anywhere between 10 and 25% of their income. Sounds like a plan. Now, are you going to do it? Let us know in the comments.

Our spiritual encouragement comes from Romans 13:8.

Thanks for tuning in!

Tracy and Cathrine

P.S. The goal of the Life Happens Laugh Anyway podcast is to present our audience with a relevant topic weekly in an entertaining way followed by some spiritual encouragement. #lifehappenslaughanyway #tracydegraaf




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