Episode 34-Travel Tips

APPS, MAPS and MISHAPS: How to have stress free road trips.

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

  • APPS that’ll make your road trip stress free!
  • GPS not working? This episode tells you how to be prepared for that.
  • Plus, we share what NOT to do on a road trip. Wink. Wink. NEVER agree to look at a stranger’s clawfoot tub and don’t trust people who tie their dogs to a tree with a rope. True story.

7 apps we won’t travel without.

  1. Waze
  2. Google Maps
  3. Iexit
  4. Mapquest
  5. Goodwill
  6. Whatshalfway
  7. Meetways

These are great navigation apps and also help in planning fuel and food stops and random shopping trips to Goodwill if you happen to be addicted to…ya know, thrift shopping. (See Episode 7 of the Life Happens Laugh Anyway Podcast for more on thrifting.)

Remember paper? As in paper maps? Also known as an atlas?

What if something happens and you can’t get a wi-fi signal? What if your battery dies on your phone, and your vehicle doesn’t have GPS? How will you get to your destination? A good old fashioned paper map can be a life-saver. Our suggestion is to purchase a new atlas that has current roads and keep it in your vehicle so you have a back-up. Look at the route you are planning to take before heading out so you have a rough idea of how you’re getting to your final destination. We didn’t mention this on the broadcast, but a compass might come in handy as well. 

MISHAPS: Getting lost, shady garage sales and road side flea markets, and plenty of car trouble…because nobody wants to hear about uneventful road trips.

 In the MISHAPS portion of this episode, we share from our many road trip adventures like the time we ended up in St. Louis, but we were trying to get from Illinois to Alabama. And the time our two GPS devices were disagreeing with each other and one voice was male and one was female. Classic! 

Then there was the time we stopped along the road to buy stuff from what looked like a pop up flea market and a different time when we saw junk outside of someone’s house and we thought it was a yard sale, but when the man came out and we noticed his dog tied to a tree with a rope we decided umm, to leave!

Plus, we discuss car trouble, taking pictures of the engine and sending them to Muffin (Tracy’s husband) for repair advice, praying for Jesus to help us with the car that would stop randomly at the most inopportune times. That car also decided that it wasn’t looking back anymore and it would only go forward. There was no reverse. Let’s just say you become very mindful of where you’re going to park when you drive such a vehicle. 

Our spiritual encouragement comes from Deuteronomy 31:8.

Thanks for tuning in!

Tracy and Cathrine

P.S. The goal of the Life Happens Laugh Anyway podcast is to present our audience with a relevant topic weekly in an entertaining way followed by some spiritual encouragement. #lifehappenslaughanyway #tracydegraaf



Tracy DeGraaf is a U.S.A. national touring (when she can) comedian based in the Chicago area working primarily with churches and hospitals on outreach events. She is a Christian and a breast cancer survivor, so she combines two of her passions: Jesus and Mammograms into her comedy ministry. She loves Jesus, but doesn’t want women to meet Him just yet. At her church shows she points the audience to Jesus at the end and at her hospital shows she encourages all to get and stay current on cancer screenings.

For more information go to TracyDeGraaf.com.

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