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Episode 39-Football Season, Marriage & Happiness

Football Season and Marriage Summary: Does your hubby LOVE football, but you don’t? Welcome to the club. Even though 45% of the football fanbase is made up of women, there are still those who don’t. This episode is targeted to women who don’t give a fiddler’s fart about football. Prepare…

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Episode 38-Home Security & Safety

Home Security & Safety Summary: Is your home secure? Do you know the most vulnerable points of your home for an intruder to get in? In this episode we share lots of security awareness, safety tips and encourage you to come up with a plan to keep you and your…

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Episode 37-When Should Adult Children Pay Rent?

Should adult children pay rent? Summary: Getting those “baby birds” to fly is a thing. It’s a process for both parents and their grown children. What are parents to do if their children continue to live at home? In this episode, we will dive into that important topic. Here’s a…

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Episode 36-Popular Phrases & Idioms

Popular Phrases and Idioms   Summary: Have you ever wondered about the origin of popular phrases and idioms? There are hundreds of them in everyday language. Idioms are a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats…

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Eps 35-Is It Too Late For A Big Change?

Is it too late for a big change?   Summary: Did you go to college, but for whatever reason, didn’t finish? You’re not alone. One study says that 40% of people are in that boat. This episode of the Life Happens Laugh Anyway Podcast talks about what steps to take…

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Episode 34-Travel Tips

APPS, MAPS and MISHAPS: How to have stress free road trips. What you’ll get out of this episode…  APPS that’ll make your road trip stress free! GPS not working? This episode tells you how to be prepared for that. Plus, we share what NOT to do on a road trip.…

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Breast Cancer MRI gospel!

Yep! Gospel means “good news” and my MRI gave me some of that today. Praise the Lord my breasts aren’t tumorized and my nodes aren’t enlarged…alleluia!!! This makes me sooooooo happy. And, it also makes me an excellent candidate for lumpectomy plus radiation instead of more extensive surgery. This also makes me very happy! Yes. Yes. Yes. Read More

Who is behind the mask?

Did you know some hospitals may be in-network under your insurance plan, but they may also use out-0f-network physicians to do things like give you the knock out juice?

And, did you know you may get stuck with the bill?
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Know what’s weird about breast MRI?

My expression after Julie, the tech, left me with two gowns and rattled off some instructions and I couldn’t remember where the opening was supposed to be. Oh my![/caption]

Today was my first ever MRI. I was nervous about it because I dislike small spaces. I’m not claustrophobic, but I avoid crowded elevators.
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