Breast Cancer MRI gospel!

Yep! Gospel means “good news” and my MRI gave me some of that today. Praise the Lord my breasts aren’t tumorized and my nodes aren’t enlarged…alleluia!!! This makes me sooooooo happy. And, it also makes me an excellent candidate for lumpectomy plus radiation instead of more extensive surgery. This also makes me very happy! Yes. Yes. Yes.

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Who is behind the mask?

Did you know some hospitals may be in-network under your insurance plan, but they may also use out-0f-network physicians to do things like give you the knock out juice?

And, did you know you may get stuck with the bill?

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Know what’s weird about breast MRI?

My expression after Julie, the tech, left me with two gowns and rattled off some instructions and I couldn’t remember where the opening was supposed to be. Oh my![/caption]

Today was my first ever MRI. I was nervous about it because I dislike small spaces. I’m not claustrophobic, but I avoid crowded elevators.

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